Tourneau goes public on its transition to become Bucherer


It has been almost three and a half years since Bucherer, Switzerland’s largest luxury watch and jewelry retailer, bought Tourneau, the biggest multibrand watch business in the United States.

Until now, the likelihood of finding anybody on the streets of Manhattan or Miami that have heard of Bucherer are close to zero.

Not a single Tourneau store has adopted the Bucherer name and the only visible sign that the Swiss have taken control has been making Bucherer Blue Edition watches available in the United States. Even that was only in January this year.


Rebranding was supposed to have begun last year with the reopening of Tourneau’s flagship Time Machine showroom in midtown Manhattan.

When that opening was delayed, so too was the switch to putting Bucherer above the door.

That reopening was expected by the end of August, but travel restrictions from Europe into the US may cause an additional delay for the official ribbon cutting even if customers are welcomed into the store sooner.

Publicity for the rebranding of Tourneau to Bucherer talk about the long history of both businesses.

“Both companies, one American born in 1900 and one Swiss born in 1888, together boast more than 200 years of rich history and expertise when it comes to the retail, watch and jewelry worlds. Now they bring their innovative visions together and underscore all they offer with a dedicated commitment to customers that is deeply rooted in trust, shared values and unexpected yet enjoyable twists,” a statement released along with a promotional image says.

The promotion visually makes the link between Switzerland, represented by the peak of Matterhorn in The Alps, with New York and its iconic skyline dominated by the Empire State Building.

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  1. Hello ! This mountain is not the Mont-Blanc, it is false. It is the Matterhorn, the most emblematic mountain of Switzerland. The Mont-Blanc is in France/Italy.


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