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Top five pre-owned Rolexes for under $5000


We all know the scenario: a customer comes into your shop with a maximum budget of $5000 and dreams of owning their first Rolex. The choice of brand new watches is unlikely to hit the mark, which is why the pre-owned market is booming at businesses like Bob’s Watches and Watchbox. WatchPro passes no judgement on the secondary market for prestige timepieces. The growth in the market is entirely customer-driven, and far from surprising given the bargains on offer, as this contributed article about the top five Rolexes for under $5000 from Wingate’s Quality Watches reveals.

Mention the word Rolex, and everyone’s eyes light up with familiarity. With more than a century of history, and an array of innovative features and impeccable designs, Rolex stands out as not only one of the most recognizable brands in the world, but also one of the most trusted. Offering aesthetically pleasing design elements, these timeless pieces with artisan elements create heirloom quality pieces you’ll cherish for years to come. There is more than one watch that delivers on its brand’s luxury reputation without a larger luxury price tag. Here are five timepieces to consider:

  1. C45244 Rolex Ladies Datejust

Product c43237


Prefer to make a statement with your watch? This visually striking model 69713 Datejust is a slim and comfortable to wear watch at just 25mm, but the contrast between its blue watch dial and its fluted yellow gold bezel is hard to miss. The vignette-style dial is not only a vibrant, deep hue of blue, but diamonds set in gold mark the hours and add a much-needed light to the overall dark dial. The gold bezel adds a final pop of color and class to a watch that offers an incredibly large savings over retail, priced at $3,650.

  1. C46857 Rolex Men’s Air-King

Product rolex air king 14000 mens watch main c47300

The Air-King, which debuted in 1945 after several prior iterations, is a watch perfect for any aviator. Designed to be large, easy to read at a glance, and highly accurate, this model 14000 features a high precision movement that keeps time exceptionally well even with its self-winding functionality. An all-stainless construction makes this a clean watch perfect for indoor or outdoor use. When you need to be able to quickly glance at your watch and know you have the right time, this $2,790 Air-King is the perfect match.

  1. C46717 Rolex Men’s Datejust

Product c35423

For an Oyster Perpetual Datejust that would look right at home on the wrist of a character in a major motion picture, look no further than this model 16233, which features numerous attributes in pure 18k yellow gold. The Jubilee bracelet features a beautiful two-tone design, contrasting stainless steel with gold; the watch case does the same, with the watch dial surrounded by a gold fluted bezel. Yellow gold even touches the dial on this watch, with the Rolex crown at noon and the hour markers standing out thanks to the precious metal. At just $4,550, this 35mm watch can be the ideal complement to a man’s wardrobe.

  1. C38199 Rolex Ladies Cellini

Product rolex cellini ladies watch main c38199

The Rolex Cellini line was conceived to provide wearers with Rolex quality and utility in a package that was ultimately most suited for more formal occasions or situations that call for a more understated presence. A model 6621/9, this Cellini features a quartz movement for year-round timekeeping precision with no winding required. Made entirely from 18 karat white gold, the case houses a small, elegant dial with crisp white numerals. The black strap provides a clear contrast and closes around the wrist with a small white gold fastener. For $4,350, it is an enticing addition to any accessory collection.

  1. C44381 Rolex Men’s Precision

Product c44381

For when you truly desire a classic Rolex, a model 6994 like this is hard to beat. Eschewing the automatic timekeeping of other watches, this precision watch features an artisan-quality mechanical movement that relies primarily on manual winding to continue running. Thin bars of yellow gold mark the hours on the silver Oyster dial, which also features gold hands for uniformity of design. This one is a real steal priced at $2,290.

CONTRIBUTOR: Stephanie Smith has been a professional writer and graphic designer since 1992 and has enjoyed writing for the luxury watch industry for Wingate’s Quality Watches since 2003. She is an avid fan of Rolex watches and wears her Mens Diamond Datejust when she wants to look her best.  Stephanie lives in the Dallas, Texas, area and enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family. 


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