Top 10 trends from Baselworld — No.6: Bronze and brown

Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II.

One of the most talked about watches of the year was this GMT Master II from Rolex, which WatchPro has dubbed the Nespresso because neither Rolex nor its collectors have come up with anything better yet.

Rolex launched two new GMTs this year, the other one carrying the ever-popular Pepsi blue and red ceramic bezel.

But the introduction of a never-before-seen combination of brown and black on the 2018 model had tongues wagging.

The watch is actually mainly black: it has a black face and half of the bezel is black. But brown is the story, and it stands out, particularly on the bi-color steel and Rolesor bracelet that appears to take the brown all the way around the wrist.

Favre Leuba is a brand just getting started outside Europe, and has grand ambitions thanks to its owner being the multi-billion dollar Tata group that makes a large proportion of the world’s steel.

A pair of watches, The Sea King and smaller Sea Bird were presented in a range of colors including a rich, almost chestnut, brown.



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