Tonino Lamborghini reignites Cuscinetto model nearly 40 years on


Tonino Lamborghini has brought back the Cuscinetto model 36 years after its initial launch date.

The Cuscinetto model dates back to 1983 when Tonino Lamborghini created one of his first timepieces taking inspiration from a specific mechanical element, the ball bearing.

In Italian, this translates as cuscinetto.


He created this model using a special bidirectional rotating bezel with a design that recalls the mechanical element used to reduce the friction between two moving parts.

36 years later, Tonino’s son, Ferruccio, together with watch designer Fulvio Locci, redesigned the case in titanium with Torx screws and in five different colour variations, mounted a new movement and inserted a customized deployante buckle.

As Tonino donated the first Cuscinetto to his father, so did Ferruccio with the new model he has redesigned to carry on the family’s tradition.

On the Cuscinetto, the watch bezel is unique and represents a very special feature of the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches collection: designed as an actual bearing, the ring has a free, linear and bidirectional movement, while the rolling balls reduce the sliding friction.

The ball bearing element symbolizes the brand’s DNA: a company in continuous movement, an Italian trademark that has taken inspiration from its mechanical heritage to innovate with style, elegance and boldness.

The ball bearing is the connecting ring between the first and the new timepieces collection, the founder Tonino and his heir Ferruccio, the past and the future.

Designers say the bezel that runs fast like the story of a brand is always a step forward.

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