Tom Ford Timepieces makes first watch from plastic recovered from the ocean


Tom Ford Timepieces has made its first luxury watch entirely from plastic recovered from the ocean.

Every Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Timepiece permanently removes the equivalent of 35 bottles of plastic waste from the ocean. All packaging is also recyclable.

Alongside the watch launch, Tom Ford has partnered with 52HZ to launch the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize, which aims to accelerate innovation around a replacement for thin-film plastic and to steer the world toward a turning point in the fight against plastic pollution.


“In my opinion, ethical luxury is the greatest luxury of all,” Mr Tom Ford says.

“The Tom Ford customer is sophisticated with a heightened awareness of the issues facing our planet and the responsibility we have to protect it. Sustainability is a key issue in our lives right now. In particular, the amount of ocean plastic that we are generating is perhaps taking the greatest toll on our environment of all. For every 1000 Ocean Plastic Timepieces we produce and sell, we permanently remove and prevent 490 pounds of plastic waste from entering the ocean. It is incredibly appealing to know that you are not only wearing a high-quality product, but by simply owning the product you are also taking direct action to improve the planet.”

The Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize has a total of $1 million to be awarded to projects that not only have positive impact on the environment, but that they are also scalable and market-ready by 2025.

The Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Timepiece is a version of the Swiss-made automatic 002 Timepiece collection launched in spring 2019.

It goes on sale for $995 at Tom Ford boutiques worldwide and online at tomford.com in this month.

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