Tokyoflash adds to selection of wooden watches


By Hallie Engel

Tokyoflash is releasing the Kisai Maru Wood, which combines natural elements with high-tech LCD innovations.

The lightweight case and strap for the watch are offered in red sandalwood with a dark sandalwood accent, or maple with a red sandalwood accent. The LCD watch face features orbiting rings and an inner hand, which points to the hour and outer facing hand to track the minutes. The rings also provide the watch with its name, as maru means circle in Japanese.


In addition to date and time functions, the Kisai Maru Wood also has EL backlighting and an alarm, along with a custom animation which causes the display to spin and light up every minutes.

The Kisai Maru, which is available in limited quantities, is the product of a collaboration between Tokyoflash and German designer Sam Jerichow.

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