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Tissot reveals working smartwatch prototype


Tissot has revealed a proof of concept smartwatch that will pair with a Bluetooth-connected weather station and product locators before looking at the future possibilities offered by Near Field Communication (NFC).

Tissot demonstrated the working prototype to WatchPro on Day 3 of Baselworld 2015. The watch, currently housed inside the watch head of a T-Touch Solar Expert, connects to an outdoor Bluetooth weather station that will be supplied as part of the retail package.

The external set of sensors will offer far more accurate, reliable readings when it comes to measuring altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity.


Tissot explained that the brand has had the term ‘smartwatch’ as a registered trademark for a number of years, which explains why many newly developed smart watches are being referred to connected devices.

The watch will also pair with small locators, one of which will be supplied with the final watch and weather station, which can be attached to items such as mobile phones, keys or wallets to offer proximity alarms and directional navigation using the watch hands.

Tissot hopes to have the finished product ready for market before the end of the year and the company will include NFC technology to allow for a near-endless raft of potential features include contactless payment, unlocking doors, starting car ignitions and switching on lights.

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