Timex unleashes Whitmore on fashionable public


Television presenter Laura Whitmore is attempting to uncover the style of a nation on behalf of Timex.

Whitmore, who will serve as Timex Style Insider during May, will hit the streets asking where people’s fashion inspiration comes from.

Geneviève Robillard, Senior International Marketing Manager, Timex said: “The way people choose to dress makes a statement about who they are and defines their character and individuality: ‘Wear It Well’ is an expression of personal and intrinsic style, applying to everyone and anyone. We believe that this is something worth celebrating.”


“For 160 years Timex has been truly timeless. Our watches are classics that will never go out of style, and those who choose to wear a Timex are making a statement about who they are. ‘Wear It Well™’ is a celebration of the heritage of Timex as well as an expression of our position today as an iconic, trusted and go-to watch brand for those who are passionate about their personal style.”

Laura’s findings will be showcased online along with tips and advice from fashion industry experts and the latest watches from the Timex style collection.

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