Timex to release four Snoopy-inspired watches to celebrate 70 years of Peanuts


Timex has announced it will be releasing four new Snoopy-themed watches for the 70th anniversary of Peanuts this year.

Peanuts was a comic strip by Charles M Schulz that ran from October 1950 to February 2000, responsible for the beloved Snoopy and Charlie Brown characters.

In celebration of its 70th anniversary, Timex will release a number of updated timepieces adorned with artwork from the comic strips.

Some of the brand’s more famous models will see the likes of Charlie Brown and Snoopy appear on their dials.

The red and blue Q Timex 1979 Reissue, a series of Timex Standard variations and Timex’s silver Marlin Automatic will all see updates with artwork on their dials.

There will also reportedly be a a special edition M79 Automatic and more releases towards the end of 2020.

This is not the first time Snoopy has appeared on a Timex piece. Read more below:

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