Timex licenses tech for watches that claims to protect people from phone’s electromagnetic fields


Timex Group Luxury Division has signed a global licensing agreement with Teslar LLC for the development and distribution of Teslar-branded watches.

Not to be confused with Tesla, the electric car company, Teslar is a company specialising in systems that protect people from man-made electromagnetic fields.

Teslar’s Cocoon technology claims to act as a barrier to electromagnetic fields coming from mobile phones.


Those who think they are being fried by their phones may like the idea of Timex’s Teslar Watch, which the company says sends a “unique natural earth signal which may help the body resist the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution generated by cell phone systems, computers and all other electrical sources causing daily stress, poor sleep habits and hectic work environments”.

Paolo Marai, President & CEO of Timex Group Luxury Division adds: “Research and innovation, among others, are the pillars of Timex Group DNA and Teslar technology perfectly embodies those attributes.”


This diagram from Teslar shows what the company describes as a cocoon around the wrist that deflects electromagnetic fields.
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