Time Products expands its horizons


After acquiring Accurist two years ago, Time Products has been able to extend its business into new retailers and, consequently, price points.

The Leicester-based powerhouse is famous for valuing the independent retail trade highly and has embraced the new business partners that are now on its radar as a result of the Accurist acquisition.

In 2015 the company hit its projected number of new accounts target and in doing so doubled its customer base in the UK.


This year has started equally brightly and the company says it’s on track to achieve its new targets set for 2016.

A key part of this success has been down to the appreciation that retailers have for the company’s commitment to bricks and mortar businesses, at a time when the internet’s role grows greater by the year.

“Whilst we know that the internet has an important role to play in today’s business environment, our strategy will be to continue to heavily support our high street retailers,” Time Products told WatchPro. “Our on-line presence of new products is limited as we continue to successfully restore and build Accurist’s new image.”

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