Time Machine search portal lands at Watchfinder


Watchfinder has added a tool called the Time Machine to its website – a portal to help narrow customer searches according to the year a watch was released.

The Time Machine, a search engine or sorts, enables browsers to search for pre-owned watches available for sale through Watchfinder from a particular year, to fit in with a certain birthday, anniversary or event that they would like to celebrate.

Watchfinder users are able to pop in a year, rather than a specific date, which then produces results of pre-owned watches available to buy from that year.


A release from Watchfinder said: “As the Patek Philippe tag line likes to remind us, a mechanical watch is something that can last us a lifetime, and beyond.

“Owning one can be so much more than just being a factor of convenience; a watch can commemorate and immortalise a moment in time, a special occasion, and an event that lives on through the small, beating machine that you wear on your wrist.”



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