Harry Winston depicts wintry scene in diamonds on its Midnight blue timepiece


Harry Winston is bringing its historic expertise in diamonds to the Midnight Diamond Drops Automatic 29mm.

The watch features a flurry of diamond snowflakes on a midnight blue dial.

At 29mm, it is the smallest timepiece in the Midnight Collection.


The clustering of diamonds is a signature design for Harry Winston, which borrows the look from the natural flurry of snowflakes.

“The scene set on the dial of the Midnight Diamond Drops Automatic 29mm is reminiscent of a cold winter’s night, with 102 brilliant-cut icy white diamond snowflakes falling gracefully to the ground,” Harry Winston says.

“Featuring three different-sized diamonds, the wintry canvas comes to life, as the larger diamonds take center stage and the smaller ones gently fall in the distance,” the brand adds.

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