The geography of the bestselling watch styles


WatchPro asked some of the leading luxury watch retailers in the UK and Ireland what the best-selling styles – not brands – are at their stores. Here is the picture it painted.

Jamieson & Carry, Aberdeen
“Our top selling style of watch would be gents’ luxury bracelet sports watches.”

W Bruford, Eastbourne
“We have found that the more classic gents and prestige sports have been strong. We have also noticed a drop off in the chunkier oversized pieces. Rose gold has been good in gents and ladies pieces across the higher end, and diamond-set bezels and dials have been popular.”


Lunns, Belfast
“The verdict from here is steel sports watches.”

Hartmann of Galway, Galway
“Gents sports watches and large ladies’ watches.”
Laings of Glasgow, Glasgow
“Simple sports watches, normal size, date and time.  No oversize, no chronos, no mass complications, etc. This is for both women and men.” 

Mallory of Bath, Bath
“Sports are watches doing particularly well. Another growing area are pre-owned watches.”  

Pressleys, Worthing
“Chronographs are selling well and some bi-metal.”

Rolex, One Hyde Park, London
“Bigger watches in yellow gold for ladies and gents.”

Watch Gallery, Fulham Road, London
“For men it’s sport and aviation watches. For ladies it is classic styles.”

Prestons of Bolton, Bolton
“Gents sports watches in both steel and bi-colour yellow gold and an increase in oversized chronographs at 42mm to 46mm. For ladies it’s still a traditional sized market with domination in 26mm sized watches and still holding strong in steel and yellow gold. There is an increased awareness and a slight step towards 31mm larger ladies sized watches.”

Prestons, Wilmslow
“Gents steel sports watches from 40mm to 44mm and 44mm steel and rose gold. For ladies 31mm and 36mm diamond-set steel.”

Watch Galley, Westfield, London
“Aviation watches are in high demanded. Sports style for men and thin classic styles for women.”

Winsor Bishop, Norwich
“Our bestselling style is definitely the larger-sized chronographs. Our customers have been completely embracing the idea that bigger is better.”

Rolex at Prestons, Leeds
“Steel 40mm diver’s watches for gents and steel and rose gold 31mm for ladies.”


This article was taken from the January 2013 issue of WatchPro. To read the magazine online, click here.



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