MB&F kills off Legacy Machine series at the peak of their popularity

The final edition of the Legacy Machine series.

It is six years since MB&F launched the Legacy Machine N°1 (LM1) series in 2011, establishing a collection high end and complex wristwatches alongside the company’s Horological Machines.

Now the company is bringing the series to the end with its swansong model released this year named the Legacy Machine N°1 Final Edition.

In a counter-intuitive move, MB&F is killing off the LM1 series at the very moment it is enjoying its greatest acceptance.


In choosing a material to house this celebratory last outing of Legacy Machine N°1, MB&F picked steel over precious metals such as gold or platinum because it takes the focus off the exterior elements to better highlight the beauty of the LM1 Engine.

The dark chocolate-toned face of the LM1 Final Edition is not the first instance of this colour appearing in an MB&F creation.

Wherever and whenever it occurs in the MB&F collections, the deep brown hue signals a special occasion, a reason to break out the treats, and the Legacy Machine N°1 Final Edition is no exception to this rule.

MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser describes the final LM1 as a bitter-sweet moment for the company. It is like 85% dark chocolate, he says enigmatically.

The Final Edition is limited to 18 pieces with a retail price of CHF/$79,000+VAT.

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