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Texas watch business Tockr names latest aviator watches Skytrain after public vote


Texas-based watch business has unveiled a new aviation-inspired watch collection known as the Tockr Skytrain.

Tockr invited watch enthusiasts from around the world to contribute names for the new model, and Skytrain was announced the winner last weekend after entries from over 1,200 people.

The name alludes to both Tockr’s aviation roots and the brand’s historic ties to the iconic C-47 Skytrain warbird.


The watches have minimalistic crosshair dials in a choice of sunburst blue, sunburst gray, or matte black.

They use ETA-2834-A6 movements in a 42mm case.

The $1200 collection is on special offer until July 4 for $950 at Tockr’s website.



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