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Texan watch business Tockr honors D-Day aviators with special edition timepiece


Texan watch business Tockr has worked with the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) to create a series of watches made with rescued material from a historic C-47 American troop carrying aircraft that played a key role in the D-Day landings that turned the tide of World War II.

The limited-edition watches preserve vital history under each dial and contribute to CAF’s mission to fully restore a C-47to its original 1944 configuration.

Aluminum, salvaged as part of the restoration, was donated to aviation watch specialist Tockr, which then worked with watch designer Emmanuel Gueit to design a new limited-edition watch that would incorporate the material into a watch.

The Tockr D-Day C-47 is the resulting timepiece.

“The Commemorative Air Force is excited to work with Tockr on the D-Day watch,” said Leah Block, CAF vice president of marketing: “The Invasion of Normandy is a defining moment in American history. We believe this history is worth saving and worth preserving. This watch is an extraordinary tribute and way to remember the sacrifice of those who served our country.”

Tockr founder Austin Ivey adds: “I founded Tockr to combine my two loves of aviation and watches, and also to honor my grandfather, a pilot who actually flew C47 aircraft during World War II. When The Commemorative Air Force approached Tockr for this project, we immediately accepted. I can’t think of any better way to honor my grandfather and brave WWII veterans like him than by creating a special watch in their honor, using material from the C-47 aircraft that lead the D-Day invasion. Though working with this salvaged material presented challenges, we made every effort to preserve and protect the unique character of the aircraft material used in each dial for posterity.”

The first run of the Tockr D-Day C-47 was pre-launched to CAF members online on October 1. It went on sale to the general public online on November 1 at tockr.com/dday for $1,990.

Tockr is a fledgling brand but already sells watches through Neiman Marcus and is looking to grow their retail network.

The Tockr D-Day C-47 is only available direct from Tockr.com for now, but a spokesperson tells WatchPro that could change.



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