Texan watch business Tockr gives limited edition D-Day watch to a World War II veteran


Tockr has a passion for all things relating to aviation, and the Texas-based watchmaker has turned that passion into a business that makes limited edition timepieces with links to the history of flight.

Its latest Commemorative Air Force (CAF) watch, made in a run of just 75 pieces, is a prime example. It is a bronze watch that has been dubbed the D-Day C-47 Alfred Pepper after a decorated 98-year-old World War II pilot, 1st Lieutenant Alfred Leland Pepper, an Ohio-based veteran who flew a C-47 and other twin-engine planes during World War II.

Tockr has a strong connection to the airmen of World War II. The company’s founder, Austin Ivey, is a pilot and grandson of a pilot who flew in the great conflict. Mr Ivey was honored earlier this month when he met Lieutenant Pepper at a CAF event and personally presented him with one of the limited edition watches.


The bronze edition of the C-47 follows in the footsteps of a stainless steel model launched in 2018 and had a dial made from salvaged aircraft material from “That’s All, Brother,” the C-47 plane that led the D-Day combat invasion into Normandy.

The grandson of Lt. Pepper contacted Tockr to ask about buying one of the 2018 models, but when Mr Ivey heard the story of his grandfather, he wanted to make something even more special for him and to present him at a vintage aircraft event.

“The Tockr team decided to approach CAF and help make Mr. Pepper’s dream come true by helping him experience flying on one of these restored World War II planes one more time. We also gifted him with the #1 of the new limited edition of our bronze D-Day watch series, and we also named the limited-edition series in his honor as the D-Day C-47 “Alfred Pepper.” The bronze D-Day C-47 series is limited to 75 pieces to mark the 75th anniversary’s D-Day this year. This has been an incredibly emotional journey for the Tockr team, and we are so grateful to be a part of this amazing moment.”

The dials of this 75-piece bronze edition are also cut from authentic salvaged aircraft material from the “That’s All, Brother” aircraft.



Tockr has taken the utmost care to faithfully preserve and protect the original, genuine markings and unique character of the airplane material through each dial. Consequently, no two watches are alike. The D-Day C-47’s distinct dial types each featured dark to light hues of brown and green and varying degrees of painting, stamping, or weathering.

Tockr commissioned watch designer Emmanuel Gueit to design a 42mm cushion-shaped case for the watch series in steel and bronze. Both lines house the automatic ETA 2834 A6 movement.

The Tockr D-Day C-47 “Alfred Pepper” retails for $2,700 and will be available for sale at the Tockr website this month.

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  1. Great idea my father was severely wounded on D-Day. As a veteran myself I love to own one and any additional information you may have. Thank you


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