TECH SPOT: Rebellion T-1000 Gotham


A new kind of superhero has rolled into town, but instead of fighting crime the Rebellion T-1000 Gotham is fighting time with a 1,000-hour power reserve. Kathryn Bishop breaks down the technology. 

At only five years old, Rebellion describes itself as a young, audacious and independent Swiss manufacturer creating high-end watches using state-of-the-art technology.

To date, its timepiece creations have included a dialless rose gold tourbillon and a watch made especially for Le Mans – both of which have sold out – as well as its Time Machine, a 1,000-hour power reserve watch on which this month’s subject, the T-1000 Gotham, is based.


Back in 2008, after Rebellion’s team attended Le Mans, they got to thinking about cars that can race for 24 hours and wondered whether it would be possible to create a watch with an enduring power reserve. The original T-1000 was the fruit of this technological adventuring, with Eric Giroud collaborating with the brand on the original timepiece’s design.

For 2013 a limited-edition T-1000 timepiece is set to be unveiled at BaselWorld. Known as the T-1000 Gotham it is a dark piece of watchmaking artistry that combines precision engineering and horological savoire-faire to create a grown-up boys’ toy that leaves slim cases and elegant dial design in its dust.

Rebellion has dubbed the watch a “new superhero dedicated to fighting time”, with its movement housed within an armour of titanium (who isn’t thinking of the Batmobile right now?) finished with black DLC or left its natural shade of grey.

The Gotham’s most interesting talking point remains its innards, however. The watch has a REB T-1000 calibre and the aforementioned 1,000-hour power reserve, which is made possible by six barrels that wind in parallel with a central prop shaft that drives two chains.

On the front of the timepiece, where a traditional dial would offer hands, two rotating rollers steadily creep backwards, indicating the hours and minutes. Below, behind a separate window of sapphire crystal, is the mechanism’s double hairspring inclined at 39°, said to release colossal power at a precisely controlled rate, notably thanks to an oversized lever.

To add a colourful flourish, the Gotham’s mechanisms can be made in colours such as black, gold, red, purple and blue, as pictured.

This “superb sculpture with its nerves of steel” is certainly not a watch for the faint of heart, but for 25 superheroes out there it will make a fitting companion. Here’s hoping Bruce Wayne has one on order.

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 issue of WatchPro. To read a digital version of the magazine in full online, click here.



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