Team Latitude35 uses Formex watches to set world trekking record at the ‘Gates of Hell’


Three endurance athletes have set a new world record for the most consecutive miles ever trekked unassisted, all whilst wearing a Formex watch on their wrist.

The three athletes, Angus Collins, Ian Couch and Jason Caldwell of Team Latitude35 have notched up some incredible achievements and hold a combined eight Guinness World Records between them.

The terrain they crossed as part of the trek is among some of the oldest, driest and most barren places on earth leading to early explorers calling the Namib Desert ‘The Gates of Hell’ and even with their impressive pedigree, a trek across the Namib Desert was not to be undertaken lightly.

Angus Collins explained how the Formex watch helped him prepare for the world record attempt, he said: “Time is an integral part of any expedition, from counting down to the start date, preparing, packing and training to taking on the trek where we run in shifts, set times for breaks, targets for distance covered and counting down to the end of each day. Having a watch as tough as a Formex will help the Latitude 35 team to achieve what some people consider the unachievable.”

The terrain was brutal and consisted of sand dunes, rocky cliffs and mountain ranges. Temperatures can reach 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and plunge to below freezing at night which is why as the trek progressed, both Ian and Angus had to drop out.

But, Jason trekked on wanting to make his fallen teammates proud by beating the current world record of unassisted desert trekking of 107 miles.

After facing the dangers of the local wildlife and battling the sun and the elements, Jason finished 137 miles in seven days, on foot and unassisted, across the Namib Desert, thus setting a new world record.

Formex CEO, Raphael Granito, congratulated the Team on their incredible achievement. “It has been thrilling to follow and support Team Latitude35 as they push the boundaries of endurance to set this new world record.  We have always liked to describe our watches as pretty much indestructible and they have proved themselves in the most brutal and extreme conditions.”



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