Tales from the Golden Triangle – How Harrington & Hallworth conquered the Premier League


Cheshire’s Golden Triangle to the South of Manchester is home to more Premier League footballers than any other area outside of London. It is also home to old and new money from agriculturalists, industrialists and even dotcom millionaires. For over three decades, Harrington & Hallworth’s two showrooms in Wilmslow and Aston-Under-Lyme have been satisfying the area’s passion for fine watches, as WatchPro discovered in conversation with co-owner Peter Harrington.

Harrington and Hallworth is a surprise winner of this year’s Watchpro Award for Independent Luxury Retailers. Nobody was more shocked than the business’s co-owner Peter Harrington, who declared when we met before the Awards were announced that he had “no chance of winning”.

That modesty is ill-placed for a business that has three hugely successful stores already, and has its most ambitious opening, a brand new boutique in central Manchester, planned for Harrington & Hallworth next year.


Harrington & Hallworth is an institution for watch collectors in the Manchester area. The store’s traditional approach to customer service and its peerless range of watches from the likes of Hublot, IWC, Cartier and TAG Heuer, make it a destination boutique for the well-healed residents of Wilmslow in Cheshire and the surrounding area, including the city of Manchester.

For those unfamiliar of the geography, Wilmslow is around 10 miles from Manchester and has a population of just 30,000. Long term residents are only half joking when they continue to call it a village because the town has expanded rapidly over the past 30 years from an agricultural village into an affluent conurbation.

“Wilmslow is made up of successful businesspeople. Less than half of the population were born and bred here. I reckon around half of the population have moved here during their lives, often after acquiring wealth and success in their lives,” explains Peter Harrington. “They move here from Manchester, but also further afield. AstraZeneca brings people from all over the world. Football teams bring people from all over the world. We don’t just have Manchester United and Manchester City people living here. There are three people from Leicester City living in Wilmslow who travel to Leicester every day,” he adds.

Peter Harrington is a familiar face to watch collectors in Wilmslow.
Peter Harrington is a familiar face to watch collectors in Wilmslow.

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