Watch strap specialist LBS acquires UK rival Capital Watch Accessories

Sam Rose, sales director of LBS.

Watch strap specialist LBS is acquiring one of its competitors, Capital Watch Accessories.

The takeover will give LBS trade clients immediate access to more than a million watch straps in over 700 different styles currently offered by Capital Watch Accessories.

Sam Rose, director of LBS, says the acquisition is part of a wider strategy to give watch retailers online access to the widest possible range of products.


“LBS has been increasing its market share year-on-year as more customers discover that buying directly from us is far more competitive than buying through reps or agents from our competition. The more middlemen or agents involved in a transaction, the more expensive the product will be: it’s just business logic,” says Mr Rose.

“By taking over Capital Watch Accessories, we acquire their vast stock and will continue to offer both sets of customers the same excellent prices we always have,” he adds.

This may not be the only acquisition for LBS, as the company looks to shorten its supply chain and cut out middlemen. “The takeover of Capital Watch Accessories is part of our bigger expansion plan, and we’re currently looking at other wholesalers who may be thinking about their own exit plan,” Mr Rose explains.

LBS has supplied watch straps, batteries and other horological tools to retailers and watchmakers for more than 30 years. The company prides itself on giving customers direct access to its stock, with no reps, agents or middlemen taking a cut of profits.

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