Monday, November 29, 2021
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Meistersinger unveils suite of vegan watch straps

Straps, which first appeared on the Edition Planet Earth watch, are made to look like leather, but are made from apple fiber.

Meistersinger sends sustainability message through its Perigraph Planet Earth

Meistersinger is giving an outer space-eye-view of our rock in its latest watch, the Planet Earth, created to support the World Wide Fund for Nature, one of the world’s leading nature conservation organizations.

Norqain unbuckles from leather straps to send a global message on...

Swiss watch business also signs African wildlife adventurer Dean Schneider as an international ambassador to get its story across.

IWC serves up vegan watch straps

Straps will be made from TimeberTex, a low-impact paper-based material that looks and feels like leather.

REVIEW: PETA approves watch that won’t cost the Earth

Objest, the London-based product design studio, has ensured the Hach V retains the signature simple, soft pebble-like silhouette of the brand’s previous collections.

Meghan Markle wedding photographer works on Movado’s first vegan watch

The ultimate woke watch is made in partnership with Alexi Lubomirski, founder of Creatives4Change, which urges the fashion industry to avoid animal-derived materials.

Olivia Burton introduces vegan-friendly straps

Olivia Burton has released a vegan-friendly watch where the only animal involvement is the charcoal-style sketch of a bunny on the dial. The Woodland Bunny,...