Thursday, July 29, 2021
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UPDATED: 2020’s calendar for launches from the major watchmaking groups is...

Swatch Group gets thrifty, LVMH splurges, Rolex and Patek stick with Baselworld, Richemont returns to Watches & Wonders, while Breitling and Audemars Piguet go their own way.

Swatch Group CEO appeals for right to keep supplying ETA movements...

Nick Hayek says he will limit supply to 400,000 units per year, ensuring that the movement market remains efficient and competitive.

Swatch Group’s statement attacking Swiss Competition Commission’s decision in full

Statement reveals the fury of Swatch Group at COMCO's decision to further limit sales of ETA movements from 2020.

Swatch Group comes out swinging against Competition Commission blocking ETA sales...

“It is absurd and unacceptable, given the new situation, that COMCO is now completely prohibiting ETA from supplying its customers with movements," Swatch Group asserts.

Ban on Swatch Group selling ETA movements comes a step closer

Last week the Swiss Competition Commission (Weka) announced that it is preparing to ban Swatch Group from selling ETA movements to third parties in 2020.

CORDER’S COLUMN: Swatch Group and Calvin Klein’s divorce should surprise nobody

The remarkable thing is that the two companies had managed to rub along together for so long.

Swatch Group exits fashion watch market

Swatch Group has decided to let the watch and jewellery licensing agreement with Calvin Klein end at its date of expiration, citing "recent turbulence".

Over half of global Swatch Group sales are to Chinese customers,...

Europeans account for just 14% of global sales and North Americans a mere 9%, according to RBC Capital Markets.

IN PICTURES: Take a tour of Swatch Group’s striking new Swiss...

240 meter long structure is one of the world’s largest timber buildings. The snake-like construction is 35 meters wide and 27 meters from floor to ceiling at its highest point.

Hong Kong protests expected to knock up to 4% off earnings...

Sales in Hong Kong and Macau are being displaced to other markets including Europe and the United States, suggests private equity firm RBC.