Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Festina Group’s Lotus and Calypso sprint into smartwatch market

SmarTime wristwear is designed to appeal to value-conscious sport and fitness enthusiasts monitoring their health and wellness.

Smartwatch market splinters along special interest lines

Smartwatches were supposed to have wiped out the Swiss watchmaking industry by now. Despite 31 million Apple Watches being sold last year, it is a long way from taking down the traditionalists.

Alpina packs its next generation smartwatch with health and fitness tech

AlpinerX Alive will have new health-monitoring functions including measuring breathing, VO2 max and hydration.

Timex takes on Apple with $179 full-feature smartwatch

Like the tech giants, Timex is focusing on the health-tracking functions of its Metropolitan Smartwatches.

Frederique Constant adds magic display to Vitality connected hybrid watch

Citizen Watch Company-owned business has not tried to beat the tech giants at their own game, but continues to upgrade its technology while improving on its Swiss aesthetics.

Garmin adds solar charging to smartwatch that can steer your super...

quatix 6X Solar speaks to myriad Garmin navigation and marine control systems, and monitors health, fitness and social media for you.

Apple shipped twice as many watches in Q1 as the whole...

The entire Swiss watch industry exported 3.8 million watches in the first three months of the year while Apple shipped 7.6 million units.

Garmin closes the gap on Samsung as its smartwatch sales soar...

Garmin was the fastest growing of the major smartwatch manufacturers in the first quarter as key models launched last year hit the mark.

Garmin helps America’s Cup team get in shape with American Magic...

The watch is bristling with fitness features designed by the trainers of American Magic’s racing team including race simulation, fitness test and intervals.

Smartwatches outsell Swiss-made watches by more than three to one

In 2019, Morgan Stanley research shows sales of 67.3 million smartwatches in 2019, compared to 20.6 million Swiss watches.