Friday, December 3, 2021
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WATCHPRO ORIGINALS: turns last season’s stock into this year’s profit

Larry Birnbaum, CEO of New Jersey-based, buys unsold watches direct from brands or their authorized dealers and sells them online at sizeable discounts.

Customers demand deeper discounts from pre-owned watch traders

Browsing for watches on the secondary market has spiked during lock down, but dealers are being offered much lower prices.

QUICKFIRE Q&A: John Pietrasz, co-founder of Delray Watch and Vault 303

John Pietrasz, co-founder of Delray Watch and Vault 303 says when quarantines began in the United States, conversion rates grew considerably. says gray market has hit a cliff edge along with...

Founder Darryl Randall says there is virtually no activity around the world on the buy side or sell side.

Delray Watch team launches exclusive high end trading platform for collectors

Vault 303 aims to bring the curation of a high end boutique to the watches it buys and sells by concentrating on modern watches priced at $20,000 and over or vintage pieces selling for upwards of $10,000.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Chrono24 CEO Tim Stracke predicts acceleration towards online...

Chrono24's Big Data gives us a crystal ball to see how Coronavirus affects the behavior of consumers and dealers.

$100 million pre-owned watch wholesaler Boneta Inc. reaches out to the...

The secondary market for luxury watches is estimated to be worth anything from $5 billion to $15 billion per year.

Pre-owned watch trading platform secures $65 million in additional funding

Germany-based Chronext says it has secured a path to profitability with the additional venture capital cash injection.

Patek Philippe prowls the Internet looking for flippers

Brand president Thierry Stern says he will act if retail partners are caught selling watches to known secondary market traders.

Nation’s 90-year-olds hoard the most valuable watches and jewelry

The older you get, the more your treasures are likely to be worth on the secondary market, research discovers.