Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Konstantin Chaykin creates ‘most complicated Russian clock’

Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin has produced a clock based around the Russian Orthodox church’s Easter celebrations. Computus Easter, calculates the changing date of the celebration...

Aviator watches jet to London Watch Show 2014

Swiss aeronautical watch brand Aviator will be showcasing its pilots watches at the London Watch Show 2014 in July. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TO ATTEND...

St George set to watch over Russian buyers

German skeleton watch specialist Grieb & Benzinger has released a timepiece to honour the Russian (and English) patron saint, Saint George. The St. George has...

Putin’s extravagant watches doubted by opposition

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has been pulled up by his opposition group Solidarity over claims that he wears wristwatches far out of the league of...