Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Laurent Ferrier announces new piece to increase legibility

Laurent Ferrier is set to the Galet Square Régulateur, which separates the hours and minutes in order to give better readability. The Regulateur comes in...

Chronoswiss’ new trio represents ‘next evolutionary stages’ of Regulator timepiece

Watch brand Chronoswiss has introduced a new collection from its Regulator line on the back of Baselworld. The 2018 Regulator collection promises to recognise the...

IN PICS: Artya reveals most complicated watch to date

Artya has announced its most complicated watch to date, a three gong minute repeater with regulator dial and double axis tourbillon. Yvan Arpa's watch brand...

50 Brands of Basel: Chopard

Chopard does regulator watches so damn well that we never tire of seeing a new example, especially when they look as good as this...

De Bethune launches detailed DB16 Tourbillon

De Bethune has unveiled its DB16 Tourbillon Regulator, a timepiece said to interpret fine watchmaking with “a stunning ballet of horological complications”. David Zanetta and...