Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Rolex and Patek Philippe shortages push customers further upmarket

Data from the NPD Group showed that sales of gold watches rose by 19% in value over the same period on the year before.

What’s making women tick?

The NPD Group's Reginald Brack says watch manufacturers are now learning that they can no longer simply “bling it and sling it”.

Three of America’s top five watch brands are now smartwatch makers

Smartwatches are today's growth engine, says Reginald Brack, watches and luxury industry analyst, The NPD Group.

WATCH: Brands increasingly aiming to ’embrace’ the certified pre-owned market, says...

Executive director, industry analyst for watches and luxury at NPD Group, Reginald Brack, has explained how the boom of eBay and second hand sites has...