Thursday, December 2, 2021
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BREAKING NEWS: Rolex UK hikes new year prices

With no rises in the United States, the price advantage UK authorized dealers have enjoyed since 2016 is narrowing.

BREAKING NEWS: Breitling will hike UK prices next week

Breitling will increase UK prices by 6% in the UK on March 1. Sources speaking to WatchPro, who asked not to be named, said that...

BREAKING NEWS: Swatch Group brands increase UK prices by 5%

Swatch Group will increase prices in the UK by around 5% for six of its brands from March 1. WatchPro has been briefed by several...

Impact of Brexit finally forces Christopher Ward to raise prices by...

British watchmaker Christopher Ward held prices for as long as it could, but bowed to the inevitable today, raising prices across its range by...

BREAKING NEWS: Rolex finally hikes UK prices by 10%

Rolex finally adjusted the UK price of its watches yesterday, with a 10% increase across the board, according to WatchPro sources. Retailers were alerted to...