Sunday, October 24, 2021
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HOT 100 POWER PLAYER: David Coleridge, DM London

Eight years ago nobody thought you could sell a £30,000 Blancpain from a website. Today, they are being sold next to £15,000 Hublots and...

HOT 100 POWER PLAYER: Hayley Quinn, Swarovski

Hayley Quinn likes to surround herself with fabulous people, and her list of superstar co-workers extends far beyond the Swarovski payroll. “Any successful business is...

HOT 100 2014: Jose Torrens, Audemars Piguet

After nearly three years heading up Audemars Piguet’s South American interests, Brazilian Jose Roberto Torrens made a seismic life change last year and swapped...

HOT 100 2013: Sam Rose, LBS London

Sam Rose has steered watch strap and accessories supplier LBS London through a simply breathtaking boom over the last few years. “It’s been busy,”...

HOT 100 2013: Steve Brydon, MGS

It’s been a big year for MGS distribution. Having been bought out from holding group Steerwell by Movado Group International (MGI) it has become...

HOT 100 2013: Marcus Margulies, Marcus Watches

Just as Marcus Watches is a landmark of Bond Street’s sumptuous take on luxury retail, its hugely charismatic and deeply influential owner Marcus Margulies...