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CORDER’S COLUMN: Patek Philippe $500,000 flip is a nightmare for authorized...

Clienteling and customer service employees are subjected to manipulation, abuse and even threats from flippers trying to buy the olive green Nautilus.

Even Patek Philippe president’s son can’t buy an olive green Nautilus

Thierry Stern says the company tries to avoid selling to people who will flip the watches, but it's not easy to control.

Patek Philippe’s olive green Nautilus being flipped for $363,600, more than...

A switch from blue to a green dial for Patek Philippe's hottest 5711 steel sports watch has taken none of the heat out the market, in fact it is much, much worse.

BREAKING NEWS: Patek Philippe springs surprise launch of men’s and ladies’...

Two fresh Chronographs and a ladies Travel Time added to Patek Philippe's sporty Aquanaut family.

Patek Philippe forges four fresh Nautilus watches for 2021

First looks at the pictures, prices, style and features of the 2021 family of Patek Philippe Nautilus watches.

Patek Philippe president reveals there will be a boutique-only Nautilus replacing...

Plan is for a boutique-only reference sold solely through Patek Philippe-owned showrooms in London, Geneva and Paris.

Patek Philippe limits increase in watch supply to 2-3% despite move...

However, over 300 retail doors have been cut world-wide to give remaining 440 partners better access to supply.

Patek Philippe president says steel Nautilus drought is here to stay

Swiss watchmaker is increasing production "drop-by-drop" but will never allow Patek Philippe to be pigeonholed as a steel sports watch brand.

Patek Philippe’s magnificent seven for 2019

This has not been a vintage year for innovation and advancement from many major watch brands, but Patek Philippe is the exception, using its 180th anniversary year to launch some genuinely new movements and timepieces alongside updates to its most popular models.

Patek Philippe Nautilus returns to the same shade of blue as...

The dial, with gold applied hour markers, has embossing and subtle grading from blue to black at the dial’s periphery where it meets the clean steel of the case.