Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Breitling drops prices by 10% as pound strengthens

Breitling has lowered the price of its watches by 10% in a move that the luxury watch group has said is to compensate for...

TECH SPOT: Greubel Forsey’s orbital wonder

You can’t stop the world from turning, but you can mimic it, and that’s exactly what this GMT from Greubel Forsey does with its...

Don’t write off baby boom women, we’ve got cash

By Gisele Rufer, President, Delance Manufacturers are missing the biggest, richest market of today: baby boom women. These women have money to spend, make most...

German watch market bounces back

The German watch market is beginning to bounce back after years of depressed sales, according to new data by retail analyst GfK. The number...