Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Slide rule-inspired watch to launch on Kickstarter

It’s not often reports on the latest watch projects making their way to crowd-funding platforms, but we’ll make an exception for the latest...

Watch it Made to launch Kickstarter collection

The co-founders of the educational Watch It Made programme are to launch their first commercial retail collection on Kickstarter this week. Watch It Made was...

Smart watches may need to be dumber than you think

It has been an interesting week for smart watches, with yet another launch of Apple Watch – the third, and counting – which at...

Pebble regains Kickstarter funding crown

Smartwatch manufacturer Pebble has regained its crown as the highest grossing Kickstarter of all time, raising more than US $16million (£10.5m) in the process. Pebble...

Pebble smashes smartwatch Kickstarter in 17 mins

Pebble has raised almost $9 million in a single day on crowd-funding web site Kickstarter to pay for development of its second generation of...

LIV Genesis reaches Kickstarter goal in 11 hours

It might not have been achieved in a New York minute but start-up watch brand LIV reached its funding target on Kickstarter after just...

Hoptroff launches WatchPro-inspired Kickstarter

Physicist turned watch-making entrepreneur Richard Hoptroff is set to launch his latest watch project through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Hoptroff, who assembles his eponymous...

HOT TOPIC: Alternative funding sources

Despite what the advertising campaigns may tell you, banks have gotten very good at saying no in the last few years. Innovative projects, read...

Smartwatch raises GBP4.6m in weeks on Kickstarter

A new smartwatch brand has secured millions of dollars of investment in just a few weeks through a group funding scheme. Pebble is a...