Friday, October 15, 2021
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Pink is back for Michel Herbelin in ladies-only Antarès release

 Michel Herbelin is bringing pink back with the launch of its ladies-only Antarès Pink Palette. In time for Valentine’s Day, the watch comes with an...

Shore Project’s strap offer is silicon-enhanced

Shore Projects has added even more variety to its affordable quick-change strap concept with a new colourful collection of silicone straps. The British brand’s first...

Sony and Citizen team up for WENA crowdfunder

Sony and Citizen have collaborated to launch a new smart watch concept on a Japanese crowdfunding platform. The WENA watch, which sees its NFC, vibration...

The September issue of WatchPro is out now

The September issue of WatchPro is out now, available in both print and digital formats. The issue features an interview with designer Patrick Grant, who...

TLKE takes on LEGO watches in the UK

Distributor TLKE has taken on LEGO’s playful collection of watches for both children and adults in the UK. While LEGO watches for children have proved...