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SPECIAL REPORT: State of independents

Tired of mass-produced Swiss watches, collectors are increasingly turning to the independent sector to find watches that are rarer, more complex, handmade and exquisitely artistic. Rob Corder investigates how effective digital marketing and tiny production quantities are combining to help many independent watchmakers, and the retailers that sell them, achieve record sales.

Delma makes a bronze edition of its Shell Star professional diver’s...

Solid bronze will see the Shell Star’s appearance evolve over time as it is exposed to the elements.

Independent watchmakers are having a moment

Sky high demand for key Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet models is raising the profile of luxury watches as an investment category. But if you can’t offer your customers these unicorn watches, perhaps you could steer them towards interesting alternatives from independent watchmakers.

ASK ARIEL: Should jewelers keep working with independent watchmakers?

In an era of mega groups dominating the retail landscape, aBlogtoWatch owner and editor-in-chief Ariel Adams argues there is more romance in working with the indies.

MB&F kills off Legacy Machine series at the peak of their...

It is six years since MB&F launched the Legacy Machine N°1 (LM1) series in 2011, establishing a collection high end and complex wristwatches alongside the company's Horological...

The Watch Guy survey prompts meeting with Swatch Group

The Watch Guy Christian Danneman’s consumer satisfaction survey focusing on watch servicing generated more than 700 responses and even prompted a meeting with Swatch...

IN VIDEO: McDonnell explains perpetual MB&F design

MB&F has released its first high complication watch in the form of the Legacy Machine Perpetual, a groundbreaking addition to its more traditional Legacy...

SIHH invites independents to SIHH 2016 UPDATE

The world’s most important luxury watch trade show has altered its format to include some of the world’s most innovative, independent watchmakers to its...

IN VIDEO: The Single Men trailer

"THE SINGLE MEN - Masters of the Incredible and the Beautiful" - A Film By Philip Selkirk from Selkirk Pictures & Enterprises on Vimeo.   Documentary...

Swiss independents to stage first Geneva show

Swiss independent watchmakers will be well represented in Geneva in January as the Swiss Independent Watchmaking Pavilion (SIWP) marks its first appearance alongside SIHH. SIWP...