Sunday, October 24, 2021
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All new 2020 Rolex watches reviewed by the experts who sell...

Authorized dealers share their views on the style, engineering and commercial appeal of Rolex's 2020 novelties.

Rolex dealers report strongest demand in quarter of a century

Rolex ADs are reporting a frenzy of demand for 2020 watches launched this week.

Hyde Park Jewelers appoints chief executive as Michael and Shereen Pollak...

Damon Gross, the company's long-standing chief operating officer, is promoted to the top job.

Hyde Park Jewelers works with University of Denver on digital development...

Independent jeweler working on Big Data project that will dramatically improve oversight of its customer interactions.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Heady Days at Hyde Park Jewelers

Founder, owner and CEO Michael Pollak shares his journey from college start-up to becoming one of Western USA's most respected watch and jewelry specialists.

Prestigious British jeweler joins calls for watch brands to think carefully...

Aggressive roll out of monobrand boutiques and direct to consumer ecommerce is less than optimal, say retail leaders from both sides of the Atlantic.

Watch brands attempting to bypass retail partners are beginning to wise-up

Aggressive roll out of monobrand boutiques and direct to consumer ecommerce is fizzling out, says Hyde Park Jewelers CEO Michael Pollak

CORDER’S COLUMN: Rolex drought shows no sign of easing

Authorized dealers speaking to WatchPro are getting increasingly desperate about their allocations as customer dissatisfaction mounts.

Hyde Park Jewelers ramps up watch focus and rebrands Orange County...

Denver-based Hyde Park Jewelers is planning a significant investment in its business that will see its flagship store refurbished and three new watch boutiques...

Over 70 physical jewelry stores join online portal to promote luxury...

A secret collaboration between some of America's most respected family jewelers has burst into the light today with the launch of Troverie, an online...