Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Zepp doubles down on wearable market with new wellness-focused line-up

The brand explained that with wellbeing at the top of everyone’s agenda in 2020, the Zepp E series harnesses the power of AI and technology to convert vital health statistics into actionable insights.

Ex-Google employee creates app to enable Apple Watch to detect diabetes

A study conducted by the co-founder of the Cardiogram app has found that the Apple Watch is capable of detecting diabetes with 85% accuracy....

Smartwatches feed health data to IBM supercomputer

A massive IBM supercomputer will crunch healthcare information siphoned directly from Apple Watches and iPhones around the world, the two tech giants have revealed. The...

New watch counts down to death

Swedish inventor Fredrik Colting has invented a watch that counts down to the wearer's estimated death date, called the Tikker. Dubbed "the happiness watch" by...