Sunday, November 28, 2021
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All new 2020 Rolex watches reviewed by the experts who sell...

Authorized dealers share their views on the style, engineering and commercial appeal of Rolex's 2020 novelties.

Rolex dealers report strongest demand in quarter of a century

Rolex ADs are reporting a frenzy of demand for 2020 watches launched this week.

Hamilton Jewelers creates community auction to support Princeton businesses

Initiative aims to support local businesses so that they all emerge from the Covid-19 crisis stronger.

Retailers and press say Baselworld will be missed but not mourned

Watch retailers and reporters from around the world welcome brands rallying to a single show in Geneva, but pine for the glory days of Baselworld

EXCLUSIVE: Patek Philippe lets authorized dealers sell online

Watchmaker is doing everything possible to help its shuttered retail partners keep selling and retain cash in their businesses.

CORDER’S COLUMN: Sine qua non

It may be the elevation of classicist Boris Johnston to the post of UK prime minister that nudged open the the nook in my mind where a handful of Latin phrases are stored, but the expression sine qua non — without this, nothing — popped into my head while reading the wisdom of Hamilton Jewelers’ CEO Hank Siegel and retail guru Doug Stephens.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Hank Siegel and the business of smiles at...

For 107 years, Hamilton Jewelers has been putting smiles on the faces of customers in Princeton, NJ, and since the 1970s in Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens, FL. The luxury watch and jewelry business may have changed beyond recognition over that time, but the fundamentals of delighting customers remain timeless, according to its leadership team.

Rolex and Patek watch drought will be resolved, suggests Hamilton Jewelers...

Hank Siegel says shortages are unlike anything he has experienced during his four decades in the luxury watch business.

Hamilton Jewelers hosts Art of Time watch fair in Princeton, New...

Prestigious jeweler and watch shop is raising money and awareness for the local independent art scene.

Hamilton Jewelers celebrates 80 uninterrupted years of working with Patek Philippe

Hamilton Jewelers celebrated 80 years of working with Patek Philippe this week with a sumptuous event to thank its customers. The company has two watch...