Sunday, September 19, 2021
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GALLERY: Casio goes upscale with new G-Steel carbon fiber men’s watch

The addition marks the first G-Steel watch with a front light button, while the timepiece also offers connectivity with G-Shock's bluetooth mobile app

COVER STORY: G-SHOCK limbers up with a fitness-first strategy

We might all have put on a little weight during the pandemic but, be in no doubt, fitness is big business. Health and athleticism have always appealed to watchmakers, and few brands have served sports and activity enthusiasts better than Casio’s G-SHOCK, whose rugged timekeepers have been firm favorites for decades.

G-Shock chases the dragon with Samurai-inspired MR-G

The bezel of each watch is hand-carved by Masao Kobayashi, an expert metalsmith in the technique of chasing, which he has used to created the image of a dragon climbing to the heavens.

Runner Joseph Gray dons first ever G-Shock heart rate monitor watch

The GBDH1000-1A7 combines standard G-Shock features with added smart watch functions, including built-in GPS, target heart rate display, Vo2 Max sensor, and long battery life.

G-Shock continues Japanese anime collaborations with One Piece GA-110

Based on the GA-110, the oversized GA-110JOP is a black watch emblazoned with illustrations of the main character, Monkey D. Luffy.

Casio creates another collectible G-Shock in collaboration with Dragon Ball Z

Gright orange GA-110JDB with gold accents has graphic elements depicting scenes from the show charting the training and growth for the main character, Son Goku.

Watch industry stands against racism with support for #blackouttuesday

Scores of brands and retailers show their support for equality by turning their Instagram feeds black.

Latest G-Shock G-Steel given greater protection with a Carbon Core Guardstructure

G-Shock has used carbon fiber-reinforced resin to strengthen the center case along with the front and side button guards.