Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Is Kickstarter the way to go for fresh watch projects?

For the full year of 2020, watch funding was down 31% vs. 2019, following -10% in 2019 and -41% in 2018.
Apollo crowd-funding target

Aeronautic-inspired watch smashes crowd-funding target within 24 hours

A collection of watch experts have managed to secure 400% of their $25,000 (£18,000) Kick Starter target to bring their aerospace-inspired timepiece to market. Designed...

New start-up launch hopes to change the face of watches

New British watch design company Eldon Watches has created a brand new series of watches, which allows the user to customise every aspect of the watch’s...

John Lewis secures exclusive Vector model

UK-based smart watch brand Vector has created a new model that will be exclusive to John Lewis until the end of December. The brushed stainless...

G-Shock funds action sports TV show on Dave

Casio G-Shock is funding a 12-part action sports television entertainment series to be shown on Dave later this year. The Unbreakables was commissioned by UKTV...

Pebble regains Kickstarter funding crown

Smartwatch manufacturer Pebble has regained its crown as the highest grossing Kickstarter of all time, raising more than US $16million (£10.5m) in the process. Pebble...