Monday, September 20, 2021
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Almost 2,000 fake Rolex watches seized by Port of Louisville customs...

All the knock off watches originated from Hong Kong and were destined for addresses across the US.

Louisville customs seize counterfeit watches valued at $5.2 million

Two shipments impounded in a week contained fake Rolex watches and knock offs of other designer timepieces.

Fake watches and jewelry cost up to $1.5 billion in legitimate...

Fake watches and jewelry still account for 15% of all counterfeit goods seized by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), according to officers in Cincinnati.

Border force intercepts fake Rolex watches bound for New York

US Customs and Border Protection officers have seized a haul of 85 fake Rolex watches that would have been worth almost $6 million had they been the real thing sold by an authorized dealer.

US Customs make massive seizure of fake Rolex watches

Cincinnati officers say that, had the Rolex watches been genuine, they would have been worth $2.56 million.

Rolex forums and Youtube videos help counterfeiters improve super fakes

Anthony Fabiano, co-founder of Watch CSA, a specialist in certifying luxury watches for trade customers, says super fakes are a growing problem because the quality keeps on rising.