Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Swiss competition authority clears ETA to freely supply movements again this...

In a victory for Swatch Group, the only limit on ETA's freedom to compete is that WEKO says it will not be allowed to abuse its dominant market position by undercutting rivals’ prices.

Swatch Group CEO appeals for right to keep supplying ETA movements...

Nick Hayek says he will limit supply to 400,000 units per year, ensuring that the movement market remains efficient and competitive.

Swatch Group’s statement attacking Swiss Competition Commission’s decision in full

Statement reveals the fury of Swatch Group at COMCO's decision to further limit sales of ETA movements from 2020.

Swatch Group comes out swinging against Competition Commission blocking ETA sales...

“It is absurd and unacceptable, given the new situation, that COMCO is now completely prohibiting ETA from supplying its customers with movements," Swatch Group asserts.

Ban on Swatch Group selling ETA movements comes a step closer

Last week the Swiss Competition Commission (Weka) announced that it is preparing to ban Swatch Group from selling ETA movements to third parties in 2020.

Marloe Watch Company adds Swiss-made mechanicals to its British-designed line up

British watch business Marloe Watch Company has revealed its first Swiss-made collection. Marloe, based in Oxfordshire, was launched with the aim of introducing affordable hand-wound...

Larsson & Jennings pushes up-market with mechanical pieces added to its...

Larsson & Jennings is continuing to push up-market this year with the addition of Lugano mechanical and Norse models to its range of Swiss...

ETA hopes for leeway on phasing out of movement supply

Swatch Group has announced that Weko, the Swiss Competition Commission, is reviewing whether there’s wiggle room within the 2013 agreement between the two parties...

New brand aims to be Objest of your affections

A new Swiss-made watch brand from a London-based design studio will launch with Dezeen Watch Store in November. Objest watches is the brainchild of Objest...

Schofield reveals three model Beater collection

Schofield Watch’s Giles Ellis has revealed the Beater, a single two-handed model transformed into a collection through the use of three distinct case materials. Bead-blasted...