Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Citizen perfects Promaster Aqualand professional dive watch

Depth meter automatically engages when the watch is underwater, and the water depth hand automatically shows the current depth.

Citizen sells $5,000 titanium timekeeper

Satellite Wave GPS F950 Titanium 50th Anniversary Limited Edition marks half a century since Citizen made the world's first titanium watch.

New Citizen collections to be pushed by extensive ad campaign

Citizen will be launching what it has called a ‘dramatic and extensive’ advertising campaign from October to drive sales of its recently unveiled collections. The...

Citizen reinvents Skyhawk AT with ‘bolder and better’ design

Citizen has released its new Skyhawk AT, which it says is a “reinvented bolder and better” edition of one of its most popular collections. The...

Citizen unveils limited edition ruby piece and three diamond designs

Citizen has revealed an anniversary limited edition timepiece featuring rubies and a diamond as well as three new diamond designs for its popular, feminine...

Five of the best sub-£500 fashionable hybrid smartwatches: Citizen Proximity

Citizen’s Proximity, unlike other hybrids that use mini screens on their watch faces, alerts the wearer to any notifications by moving the watch hands...

Premiership Rugby final lit up by Citizen

Citizen, the official timekeeper of Aviva Premiership Rugby, is launching a series of competitions ahead of the premiership final on 28 May. Citizen will be...

Citizen launches global campaign targeting jetset

Citizen is launching into a global campaign to present its new Satellite Wave F100 model to travellers around the world. The Eco-Drive watch lays claim...