Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Zenith gives itself exclusive rights to sell latest Chronomaster Original E-Commerce

Some watch brands are coy about going head-to-head with their authorized dealers. Zenith is being completely upfront with its direct to consumer push via the launch of a Chronomaster Original E-Commerce edition exclusively at its own online store.

ARIEL’S ESSAYS: Not all watch brands should be seduced by direct-to-consumer...

Even as the world is enduring global economic shutdown, luxury watch brands continue to plan the next phase of their sales strategies – which, for many companies, will rely heavily upon internet sales.

Direct to consumer retail undermines lifetime customer value for watch brands

Andrew Block, president of Second Time Partners, argues that brand-owned monobrand stores fail to generate long term loyalty to customers.

CORDER’S COLUMN: The power of supportive brand-to-retail partnerships

Watchmakers profit from making great watches, retailers profit from selling them. Both specialists, they should stick to doing what they do best.

WATCHPRO ESSAY: Will watch companies abandon working with retail partners?

As watch brands prune their global networks of retail partners they are analyzing whether it is better to open their own directly operated brick and mortar stores, sell direct to consumers through ecommerce, or provide maximum support to remaining authorized dealers.

Watch brands attempting to bypass retail partners are beginning to wise-up

Aggressive roll out of monobrand boutiques and direct to consumer ecommerce is fizzling out, says Hyde Park Jewelers CEO Michael Pollak