Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Make your own Franck Muller Casablanca watch

Bamford Watch Department offers an almost unlimited palette of options to design your own Casablanca watch via an online customization service.

Victorinox lets customers make their own watch with 15,000 options

Victorinox has unveiled an online service that allows customers to create their own perfect watch from a palate of colors and a range of straps and bumpers.

Porsche Design helps to create the perfect personalized driving watch

Porsche Design is following in the footsteps of its automotive parent company by encouraging customers to customize their own timepiece using an online configurator that allows us to 1.5 million different looks.

Rolex wins counterfeiting case against Californian customizer

Rolex has won its case against luxury watch customizer La Californienne, which is no longer permitted to use the Swiss watchmaker’s name or any of its symbols even when it is treating vintage Rolex watches.

Rolex on solid legal footing in lawsuit accusing watch customizer of...

What appears to be an almost identical case from 2013 cost the owner of a customization company his business and an $8.5 million fine.

UNDONE gets personal about what luxury means to watch customers

The definition of luxury in our modern society has been twisted to be equated with spending power for expensive watches. UNDONE thinks the essential point of luxury is the power and freedom of the individual.

Fendi Timepieces encourages customers to design their own watches online

Fendi Timepieces is encouraging customers to create their own personal versions of the IShine watch using an online customization service. offers 210 variations including...

Vintage watch customization company launches new design-driven collection

LA-based customization brand laCalifornienne has launched a new collection designed to appeal to consumers looking to make a ‘wrist statement’. The cult brand, which launched...