Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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HOT 100 PREMIER BUYERS: Erica Redgrave, buyer, Watch Gallery

Not only has Erica Redgrave been promoted to buyer at the Watch Gallery this year, she has successfully been juggling her new position with...

HOT 100 PREMIER BUYERS:Keira Payne-Gibbs DM London

If you’re going to get into a debate with Londoner Keira Payne-Gibbs, then you’d better bring some serious stamina. “I’m really good at complaining tenaciously...

HOT 100 PREMIER BUYERS: Chloe OKeefe, Asos

Imagine the watch team of the world’s biggest department store 30 years ago and you’d picture well-stuffed, grey-haired men in suits poring over the...

Charles Fish buyer steps down after 35 years

By Hallie Engel Duncan Groves, buyer at retailer Charles Fish, is set to leave Fish Brothers Group after 35 years working for the London company. Groves...