Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Roger and his fellow Rolex ambassadors roll into final stages of...

Wimbledon marks the start of the British summer, not just for tennis fans with a penchant for champagne and strawberries, but also for Rolex, its customers and authorized dealers who descend on the tournament for a taste of the watchmaker's legendary hospitality.

Hulk versus Batman — which Rolex superhero should you choose?

Bob's Watches CEO Paul Altieri investigates the relative strengths of Rolex's iconic Submariner and GMT Master watches.

Bob’s Watches’ ultimate guide to Rolex with Tiffany dials

Paul Altieri explores whey Tiffany dials are so desirable, how to buy them and what you should pay.

Rolex underwhelms super-fan CEO with 2021 watches

After decades as a collector, Paul Altieri turned his passion into a business by buying Bob's Watches and turning it into one of America's...

How the Rolex Daytona became the world’s hottest watch

Bob's Watches looks back at the history of this once unloved reference and explains why it now has interminable waiting lists.

What Rolex to wear if you are a Super Bowl champion

With Super Bowl LV just a couple of days away, leading pre-owned Rolex retailer Bob’s Watches took it upon themselves to curate the “Top NFL Luxury Watches: Super Bowl Edition” – a watch roundup of your favorite players and their championship-worthy timepieces.

Bob’s Watches opens a third office in the United States with...

Pre-owned luxury watch specialists now has New York, California and Florida covered with physical offices for client meetings.

Hollywood timepieces top reserve prices at Bob’s online auction

Iconic Watches of Hollywood Fresh Finds auction featured four Rolexes and one Omega made famous by Tinseltown's iconic stars.

Iconic Rolex and Omega watches associated with Hollywood legends head to...

Bob's Watches curates a sale of watches made famous by the likes of Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Sean Connery.

CHRONEXT & WATCHPRO SPECIAL REPORT: Rolex fires up pre-owned market

Click to download Volume 2 of our Special Report on Pre-Owned Luxury Watches and the Secondary Market.