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Fractional Rolex ownership firm raises $1.4 million seed funding

WATCHPRO first reported on London-based fractional ownership start-up Koia in the summer of last year when the business was in a pre-trading period. Its intention...

Historic watchmaker DuBois et fils embraces a future tracked by blockchain

Using blockchain-based records mean that each watch will have its history and provenance indelibly recorded.

Richemont, LVMH and Prada join forces to create global Aura blockchain...

Aura's blockchain-based solution will provide incorruptible data on a product's provenance and history along with proof of authenticity, addressing the challenges of traceability, responsible sourcing and sustainability.

Louis Erard releases blockchain-based loyalty program

Independent maison is using a blockchain-based solution from qiibee that gives customers who buy Louis Erard products with loyalty points that can be exchanged for rewards.

Hublot watches will be uniquely identifiable using just a mobile phone...

A new system using artificial intelligence and technology similar to facial recognition is able to identify a Hublot watch and pull up its history and authentication details.

Vacheron Constantin protects all new watches with blockchain authentication

Having first piloted the protection of its watches using blockchain technology last year, Vacheron Constantin is rolling out the anti-counterfeiting measure to every watch it produces.

Breitling secures every watch with blockchain-based passport

Watches will be tracked for life with details of their owners, warranty and service history indelibly tethered to each piece.

Breitling adds blockchain tracking for the life of its latest watch

Reissue of Top Time chronograph, a Breitling hit in the 1960s, can have its movement and ownership traced throughout its lifetime.

Richemont extends Blockchain pilot to include all Vacheron Constantin collections

Blockchain could also make Vacheron watches more valuable on the secondary market, and make them more desirable to retailers taking trade-ins, because they will can be instantly authenticated against the manufacturer’s ledger.

Blockchain lets brands track watches from cradle to grave

Brands across the luxury industry are lining-up to jump on the blockchain bandwagon, but how will it work in practice? Tom Mulraney, editor and publisher of The Watch Lounge, follows the digital trail to find out.