Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Hublot and Berluti turn focus to the Big Bang Unico chronograph

Bringing together Berluti's legendary Venezia leather and its patina with the latter’s art of fusion of materials, these different models have all had the Hublot Classic Fusion watch as their base.

New York exclusivity given to Hublot and Berluti ‘Scritto’ model

The new series will be exclusively available in Hublot stores in Ginza, Osaka and Kyoto in Japan and in the New York Hublot boutique.

Hublot unveils platinum and Berluti leather fused timepiece

Hublot has revealed its Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto Platinum model, which fuses platinum metal with famous shoemaker Berluti’s leather. Berluti’s Venezia Scritto leather, with...